Essay on conservation of environment for kids

Technology makes our lives so much easier, but it has taken its toll on our environment in a variety of different forms.

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Factories pollute the air, which leads to the destruction of the ozone layer and acid rain. As the population of humans grows, we need more land to grow crops and to build our houses, so land degradation has been increasing in recent decades. By teaching our children to be respectful of the planet, we can slow down many of these threats to the environment so that future generations can enjoy the same natural resources we often take for granted, such as clean air and water, along with the incredible wild animals that we share this world with. Taking your kids around your neighborhood and talking about the trees and animals you see could be enough to show them how important the natural world is to our survival.

Lead by example so they can mimic your everyday conservation actions , and make sure they understand exactly why you are doing what you do.

There are a variety of conservation activities kids can do on their own, with their friends or while they are at school. Educating children about the importance of environmental conservation will help ensure the long-term health of our planet for generations to come. Use that curiosity to give them the tools they need to save the world. This guest post was written by Emily Folk, a freelance writer and blogger on topics of conservation, sustainability and renewable energy. To see her latest posts, check out her blog Conservation Folks , or follow emilysfolk on Twitter!

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Environment Conservation (Environment Essay Sample)

Click here to cancel reply. All rights reserved. Start Planning Your Nature Adventure! It compels a large number of people to live in dirty surrounding having dirty lanes permeating bad smell. The smoke emitted by vehicles, motors and scooters pollutes the atmosphere.

Increase in pollution has given birth to several diseases such as tuberculosis, deafness, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. The Union Carbide gas factory at Bhopal made thousands of people blind. Pollution also creates mental diseases. The tendency of urbanization also contributes to this problem at a rapid rate. The rural population started moving towards the cities and the cities went on expanding.

Due to the housing problem, the life of big cities became more complex. If environmental education is given to future citizens in the present day schools by formal and informal methods, humanity can get rid of this danger.

We find around us air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, nuclear pollution, ecological imbalance and increase in heat and radiation. The following action can help in conserving environment:. For checking pollution, more and more parks should be created in order to make the environment healthy and clean.

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Rivers are to be protected from dirty water and filth. Vehicles are to be checked from emitting smoke. They should be fitted with silencers to reduce noise. Drinking water should be drawn from greater depth and put in clean and well covered pots. Vanamahotsava programme should be a continuous process.

Ways and means are to be adopted to check soil erosion. Special cleanliness drives should be undertaken at regular intervals in the cities.

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Milk dairies are to be established at the outskirt of the city. There is needed to take steps to prevent the spread of various diseases. In this, family planning should form an integral part of the whole scheme. Delivered by FeedBurner. Causes of Pollution Cultivable land is decreasing due to increasing population, industrialization and urbanization.